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Google Glass 2 0

Google Glass 2.0 Better Than Reality

Google has announced that theyre already working on a second Google Glass model for consumers who have no desire to get off their lazy asses

November 04, 2014 Tech, Uncategorized
Beyonce 0

Houston New Radio Station Goes All Beyonce

News92, Houstons all-news radio station is dumping the new format and going to All Beyonce, All The Time

October 11, 2014 Social
Google Camel Cam 0

Googles New Camel-Cam Replaces Car-Top Camera

Its given us robot cars and internet-enabled glasses but when it came to creating a Street View of a desert, Google hit on a

October 09, 2014 Tech
Doctor Facebook 0

Will Your Doctor Friend You Back On Facebook?

Did you send your physician a Friend request on Facebook?  If they friended you back, you are luckier than 90% of the population!

January 25, 2014 Facebook
iPod Amoeba 0

Newest iPod Launch Delayed

Apple has announced that the release of its newest music player, the iPod Amoeba, has been delayed indefinitely due to a flaw in the overall

December 10, 2013 Tech
School Bus 0

School Officials Frown Upon iPod Knife

The Association of American Educators (AAE) has lodged a complaint with the Apple Corporation over its new, fifth-generation iPod Nano, which includes a retractable 2

December 05, 2013 Tech
Triple Cray 0

Internet Meme Cray Cray To Add Third Cray

The Alliance For Internet Memes has voted 6-1 to resurrect the once popular term cray cray and expand it to a third cray for a whole new

August 12, 2013 Social
China Penis Building 0

China Censoring Jokes About Penis-Shaped Building

The Peoples Daily  the main state-owned newspaper of Chinas communist party is getting a new headquarters building. It is massive, imposing, and, uh, currently

May 03, 2013 Social
Google Nose 0

Google Nose Beta

March 31, 2013 Social
YouTube Shutting Down 0

YouTube Shutting Down

YouTube is going away. Looks like we will have to change our name

March 31, 2013 YouTube
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