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YouTube Music Awards 0

YouTube Music Awards: What Went Wrong?

Turns out YouTube is completely clueless when it comes to the production of a satisfactory awards show. Case in point: the YouTube Music Awards, a

November 22, 2013 YouTube, YouTwitFail
girl-frustrated-at-computer 650x433 0

Resetting Your Password

Sometimes resetting your password feels like this!

April 09, 2013 YouTube
YouTube Shutting Down 0

YouTube Shutting Down

YouTube is going away. Looks like we will have to change our name

March 31, 2013 YouTube
YouTube Video: Golden Eagle Snatches Kid 0

Tricked By The Internet Again: Eagle Snatches Kid Video Was A Hoax

A video of a golden eagle swooping down and picking up a kid quickly went viral, gaining almost 40 million views on  YouTube in less

December 19, 2012 YouTube
Senior Tech Lesson #1: Texting 0

Senior Tech Lesson #1: Texting

Texting doesnt have to be scary!  Even those with no previous experience can learn how to text with this helpful YouTube lesson

November 30, 2012 YouTube
Angry Birds 0

Angry Birds Star Wars Version

Angry Birds releases a new Star Wars version.  This is so wrong or the coolest thing ever!

November 09, 2012 YouTube
iTypewriter 650x425 2

iTypewriter Released With Smaller iPad

Since the launch of the iPad, Apple has been fielding complaints about the difficulty of typing on the device.  With the release of the smaller

October 23, 2012 Tech, YouTube
Girl checking email 0

Why Girls Love Social Media

Watch out guys!  Looks like the girls have one-upped you with this new post, inspired by the original Why Guys Love Social Media YouTube video

August 31, 2012 YouTube
iPad Head Girl 0

I-Pad Head Girl

Is this the beginning of a long, steep descent toward technology controlling our lives, or are we finally starting to control our technology

August 06, 2011 YouTube
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