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Scene 2 Act 1


6”3 AA security guard(32) in black suit leans against security desk. He hates being at work and would much rather be at home playing ‘2k, but...bills.

5”1 AA artsy fartsy chick (ageless) in a body conscious cotton dress and leather jacket enters, pleasant but rushed. Her fro is in full effect and she has on heels for the first time in ages, calves like pow. tea length prom dresses 2018

Security guard: Can I help you find something?

Artsy chick: Actually, can I get to Avenue of the Stars from here?

SG: Naw. You can’t (leans even deeper into the desk)

AC Voice over: This nigga is about to say something stupid.

SG: you should just stay in here and get something to eat.

AC narrows her eyes and takes a dramatically deep breath

AC: Do you know how I can get to the avenue of the stars from here?

SG: You can roll with me I can take you down my private elevator.

AC Voice over: I don’t have time for this ya flat faced biiiyatch.

AC: I have somewhere to be could you please point me in the direction of the Avenue OF. The. Stars?

SG: awite, you seem like you in a hurry follow me.

AC voice over: no sh*t Sherlock, I swearda gawd I will mace your big a** if you try something stupid in this elevator, lick your dumb a** lips one more time.

AC: thank you.

the two begin to walk through the restaurant, AG stays a purposeful 3 strides behind.

SG: you was looking real cute when you came in the door I was going to tell you but you looked lost so...

AC Voice over: focus girl, this meeting is too important to let agitated thoughts creep in. Think about puppies. You love puppies!

SG: So where are you going all early?

AC: I’ve got an interview.

SG: aw, you should apply here they hiring.

AC Voice over: nigga do I look like i wana-

AC: so do you eat here often?

SG: I work here.

AC: riiiiight, thaaats why I asked.
AC Voice over: ya big dumb dummy

SG: oh well, I used to eat here all the time...

AC voice over: (west African accent) I don’t care I don’t care I don’t care.

SG: but after a few months, like four months, or maybe five, it was like four months, I just got sick of it. But it’s good though. Have you ever eaten here?

AC: pardon?

SG: I said have you eaten here before?

AG: ye-

SG: matter of fact it was five months like five months of eating here. Yea. So why you don’t wana work here? What you too good to work here?

AG Voice over: (sings) look at me, look- at- meeee, iiiiiii, aaaaam, changing, I’ve got my life together know...

SG: well this is the Avenue of the Stars, right through there.

AC walks past him out of the elevator nose buried in her phone.

AC: thank you so much, I appreciate all your help.

SG: mmm. Good luck.

AC: thanks.

AC walks to her big meeting, it doesn’t go as she planned. She walks back to her car trying not to cry.

SG: yo, how’d it go.

AC: great.

SG: cool well hope to see you around more often.

AC: ok.

Black out.