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He quietly beckoned for her in the dark like a hunter searching for his prey. "Where are you?"
His voice stretched out each syllable as if he were playing a simple game of hide and seek.

"Come out, come out, where ever you!"

Paula Masterson could feel the earth beneath her, she was panicking. Tears streamed down her face as she bit her bottom lip until she tasted the mettalic sting of her own blood. She tried holding back her sobs as she hid beneath the porch of the small house that she had just escaped from. She could hear a cracking sound as his weight pressed into the wooden boards above her. He was close, she scrunched her body together as tight as she could, hoping she would become less noticeable. short wedding guest gown
She could feel her dressed pulled up around her waist, exposing her thighs to the cold night air.
Her arms and legs stung as the death made contacts with the knife wounds he had given her earlier.
She didn't bother to think about her injuries possibly getting infected. She was more worried about staying alive.

Twelve hours ago.

Paula had been attending Samantha Lake's wedding. She didn't want to wear the bright yellow taffeta bridesmaid dress but Samantha was one of her best friends. She remembered joking with Samantha, "This dress will be the death of me. I'll die of embarrasement from wearing this. It's yellow. It's taffeta,"

At that time Samantha laughed and said. "Oh stop. . . You would look great in a garbage bag. Taffeta ain't got a thing on you. Plus, if you wear it. . . I'll buy you some yellow undies to match. "The joke had made Paula to laugh out but she made sure Samantha kept her promise.
After Samantha's wedding ceremony Paula had gone to the reception in the dress that made her feel like a walking banana.

She remembered eating some dry salmon, making a fool out of herself with the chicken dance, and even photo bombing quite a few pictures.

Tom, the cute best man with the moss green eyes also came to mind-one look into his eyes and she had fallen for him.
Quite literally as she had accidentally tripped on the yellow monstrousity she was wearing, and landed in his arms.
This led to him asking her to dance and the two seemed to hit it off.
It had been quite a while since her last date and Paula was so looking forward to where things would lead that she even promised to meet him at his hotel room later that night.

Paula tried to remember what happened after the reception but her head began to ache.

She heard newling noises and eyes widened in panic as she realized they were from her.
She quickly covered her mouth with her hands as more tears stained her cheeks.
The footsteps had made their way off the the porch. She could hear the crunch of a gravel as she walked close by. "Where are you?"
he slowly asked again. Paula shuddered.
The last thing she recalled was walking towards her red kia. Then everything went blank. Less than fifteen minutes ago, she woked up to an old song by the partridge family through the air.