short length wedding garments in white color

I am ridiculously happy right now!! ? ?

Backstory: on our last day in Puerto Plata we were leaving the beach to go pack up our room and check out, when this UH-DOR-A-BLE couple stopped us commenting that Suresh’s hand wasn’t bandaged and asking if was he ok!? Suresh had just removed his splint and gauze because it got wet, and we were headed to the room to pack and change his dressing, but we discovered that this couple and spotted him walking on the beach and wondered about him and his injury. The moment Suresh started speaking their eyes LIT UP!! Turns out this Scottish couple (now residing in England), had lived in TRINIDAD in the 70’s as newly weds and were LOVING listening to his accent!! As we continued chatting, Mr. Humphries got misty-eyed and told me he didn’t care what Suresh talked about he just wanted to hear his voice while the memories from decades ago flooded back and washed over him. Ugh, y’all, my heart!! short length wedding garments in white color ?

Long story short, they were docked on their cruise and lunching at our resort for the afternoon and got called to their shuttle and we parted ways. As we walked to our room, we lamented that we really should have gotten their contact info to stay in touch. Well as fate would have it, after we packed up our room, waited in the checkout line, and then went down to the buffet for a super late lunch, we ran into them again!! We snagged their contact info and wished them well on the rest of their vacay. In the flurry of getting home, unpacking, laundering, and then focusing on packing the nest for our move, I COULD NOT find the paper with their info. ?

Now, as any good millennial in the 21st century, I tried combing FB to see if perhaps I could find them here- no bueno. I was bummed the last few days and didn’t mention to Suresh that the paper either got lost or accidentally thrown out, and then just a few moments ago, I went into one of the privacy pockets in my beloved handbag........ and I FOUND IT!!!!! ?? ?? ?? ??

I know that the people we meet (even strangers on a beach 1/2 way around the world), come into our lives for a reason. Looking at this picture makes my heart sing knowing that for a moment in time we gave someone such intense, soul stirring joy, and caused them to remember the early days of their life journey together....... would have loved to be a fly on the wall to hear their memories and conversation after. ?

Last year, my theme was to learn to “Be Still”.
I like to go, I like to do, and I like to knock things off a list. It makes me feel accomplished, worthy, and productive; like I’m making a contribution. This little run in made us have to HUSTLE to get showered and checked out on time and I admit I battled my internal OCD time checker while they stood and chatted up a storm. BUT, I will tell you this, when I SAW how deeply Mr. & Mrs. Humphries valued the experience of just sharing conversation with Suresh, I immediately felt chastised in my heart and I knew my lesson right in that moment. Be still, lean in, and say yes to this moment. Enjoy the little AMAZING gifts you have day to day because you only live once and God is dripping really cool divine appointments on me every single day but I have GOT to be open and willing to see and receive them!! ? ??

Last week it was The Humphries on the beach in Puerto Plata, another time it was Princess (at that time- now Queen) Letizia Ortiz of Spain in the arrival terminal at Toronto Pearson International Airport- who else it will be this year I do not know, but I’m excited to find out!!

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