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Barr. Omen Bassey but why? Why do you choose to be different? Please listen to him on the Worship Centre Saga!


You may not agree with me but believe me, I feel incapable of querying an act done in honour of the Almighty God,the Creator of Heaven and Earth. I can't approve or condemn an act I'm not sure I have the competence to judge.

Reading several comments on the necessity or otherwise of the project, I can safely conclude as follows :
1. Many commentators consider the project absolutely unnecessary.
2. Others aren't necessarily against the idea but they consider its cost prohibitive.
3. A few others aren't against the project but feel that its timing is wrong, considering the present harsh economic weather and escalating unemployment rate among Akwa Ibom youths.

This article isn't intended to either endorse or condemn the project. My concern is the ease with which young people abuse and insult a man like God's servant, Pastor E. A. Adeboye whose only "sin" is that he honoured an invitation to flag off the building of a house named after God.

I believe there are men we should be afraid of dressing down in the manner I've noticed in the past three days. We mustn't all agree on the propriety or otherwise of the project. But there are words we must not use easily, much less while addressing a man like Pastor Adeboye.

Why should Pastor Adeboye turn down the invitation? Was it an invitation to flag off the building of a brothel? Or was it meant to lay the foundation stone for the building of a secretariat for a political party? What's the scriptural basis for these insults and condemnations?

If you study your Bible well, you will realize that God has favourites. They aren't necessarily His favourites because of their complexion, height, education etc. People have sincerely laboured for God in His vineyard, thereby gaining His approval. Such men deserve our respect. At best, allow God to either accept or reject their actions. ROMANS 14: 4.

If there are men of God in this generation, Pastor E. A. Adeboye is undoubtedly in the front row. This doesn't in anyway confer on Him the status of infallibility. I don't think anyone can sincerely doubt that Pastor Adeboye is a servant of God. If he's indeed a Servant of God, why are you the one to approve the invitations he should honour and the ones he should turn down?

It's reprehensible that people seem to think that every single Pastor is a mercenary. How "lucrative" or physically attractive was the gospel in Nigeria when Pastor Adeboye and others abandoned their careers to propagate it? How big was the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCGC) when this humble man of God abandoned his Ph.D in Mathematics to serve there full time? Can you contemplate doing a quarter of that for God and His gospel? red prom dress

It's nonsensical to insinuate that Pastor Adeboye comes to collect money from the Akwa Ibom State government. Does he look like a greedy, rapacious man? What does the man need that he can't get? We must refrain from talking carelessly. It's impossible for a greedy man to do the work this reverred man of God has successfully done at RCGC in particular and the Body of Christ as whole.

What service have we rendered to God so far to entitle us to abuse and insult a man who gave up everything to God before he was made influential by Him.

Listen, Pastor Adeboye is a Pastor not the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. Were there no poor and unemployed people in Israel when Solomon built that expensive gold plated temple for God? It was a very magnificent building by any stretch of imagination. Some of us would have abused King Solomon for doing so because we love the poor more than the God who created them. Yet, that act was acceptable to God.

A lady poured her precious ointment on Jesus Christ. The reaction of holier than thou people of that era was similar to what we are witnessing now. They were advocating for the poor as though they cared for them more than the Master Himself. He told them " the poor you will always have among you". MATTHEW 26:6-13.

There's no guarantee that the critics of Pastor Adeboye genuinely care for the poor around them.

Who among Pastor Adeboye's critics has served and cared for the poor and unemployed like him? Is it because he doesn't line them up for the camera?

As a man of God, Pastor Adeboye is most likely to be excited about any project named after God. If you think he's wrong, ask God first. Bible in ROMANS 14:4 asks:

"Who are you to judge the servant of another? Before his own master, he stands(approved) or falls(out of favour)..."

Please tread cautiously unless you've asked God and got His nod.

Omen Bassey.