mermaid prom party outfits in black

EDIT: Clearly somebody posted this in a blerd group. Y'all special snowflakes got the right one today. I'm with the shits.

It's high-key annoying the way y'all fawn over every fucking thing the Smith kids do. Ain't nothing revolutionary about kids born into wealth doing shit differently. Money is freedom.

It'd be impressive if y'all upheld all the Black girls who been dying their hair green, pink, yellow and all the other wild colors, but get told to tone that shit down so they can get a part-time job flipping burgers because neon braids ain't professional enough for Burger King.

And I'd love to see y'all swoon over Black kids who wear Jordans with their tuxes or wear the most original, hood ass dresses to their proms like y'all did when Jaden ass wore that damn cape to his. It'd be cool if y'all wasn't forcing your sons to cut their locs and cornrows because they have to be prepared for the real world and those looks don't make it in corporate America.

This blind ass celebration of children who are insulated from the racism that poverty creates is not a look. Kids who got security to make sure they're not bullied and harassed for being different out here being heralded as inspirational while poor ass Black kids who get taunted and teased for the same ain't even on y'all radar.

Y'all just whooping it up for kids who ain't never had to conform to live. That shit ain't deep or impressive. I'm floored and fangirling for Black kids who ain't get their first movie role at 6 because of their parents' connections and who didn't have managers/agents before they could spell their name. I'm impressed by Black boys living in the projects, who don't have any protection from the literal violence resulting from homophobia, wearing polish and skirts.

So y'all ain't seeing individualism as much as y'all are seeing how wealth is freeing. And since we know that maybe a handful Black kids from true poverty will ever graduate to a socioeconomic position where they will be securely set in a fortress impenetrable by the social ills that affect their poor peers, can we focus on affirming regular ass Black kids in being who they are? Because I promise you they asses need it more than children who don't know what it is to want for anything. mermaid prom party outfits in black