maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much

Land Of The Gods & Goddesses

Auset/Nurturing/Feb.11th y12518

This is why people get upset I Man when l Man burst their romatic bubble about ethiopia as respect to christianty and colonializm. if we are to live in truth we must admit that when we say that eithiopia is the first christian Afrikan Nation, we are really saying that they are the first and oldest colonized Nation of Afrika.

Ethiopia bowed to Syrian & Roman christian colonization inorder to prevent a military invasion which accured anyway in ww1 & 2 by Rome and then durin the cold war by the Russian backed cuban lead communist removal of the ethiopian monarch which
was and still is the oldest monarch on earth.

Now ethiopians are even rejecting their Afrikanized dressed up make believe form of the white supremist religion of christianity for the direct rule of white supremist evangeligal christianity.They are living proof that as Afrikan people we should never compromise our freedom with the invadors of Afrika.

We should fight till the end for our original Divine Afrikan Centered Way Of Life. Now instead of us worshipping god through the image of our living Afrikan Kings, Queens and Priest, who all sits on the oldest trinity throne in the world.We in the Afrikan world lead by eithiopa instead now worship god through the white supremist slave god of death the unsweet jesus christ. May The God Of Afrika that lives in us all Save us All from Islam and Christianity. Holy I Dja maid of honor wears in red color that won't cost much Jah Rastafari