long sleeve bohemian wedding gown

Goodmorning friends, i hope you had a wonderful weekend. i had a wonderful weekend too cos the Fire fall on me during our Ministers conference this weekend. Praise God. There is something am seeing this days i want to share, Ladies are dressing nude all because of marriage, they sew aseobi dress with costly money they cant wear after the wedding. But when they say in church sow seeds into the work of God, they complain no money, choir wants to sew uniform, no money but they prefer to sew aseobi than sowing into their ministry Have you asked yourself why you are in that department like my former choir master will ask all of us in the choir. Is it because you are not married you want to marry by force, no man wants to marry an indecent girl as a wife, you will just be a trash they want to pour their dustbin in side. since you've been dressing nude, how many propose to you genuinely?Only those who want to have sex with you. the devil hates women just know that (Gen 3 and Rev 12) Dressing nude will not attract you to your husband but your sex mate. Whatever you do, do it to the glory of God. Dressing well does not mean dressing nude, that is seduction and there by opening doors for demons into our life, after you will say spirit husband is following you and you start going from one deliverance service to another. Remember Jesus is coming soon. God bless those who will listen and change cos this message is for those who have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches long sleeve bohemian wedding gown