cocktail gowns for summer

Hey guys, as you know, I’m doing a barbering course at SGS college Filton and need clients to cut and colour hair, shampoo and do treatments on. I’m taking clients Tuesday and Wednesday 5:30PM-8:30PM and Friday 9:00AM-12:00PM. cocktail gowns for summer

It’s all free (except colour which is only £10.00!). Below is a list of things I need to get assessed on, so have a look and give me a message if you’re interested.

Long Hair:
Uniform layer X2
Short graduation X2
With fringe

Short Hair:
With Parting
Without Parting
Patterns X3

Facial Hair:
Tapered Beard
Outlined Beard
Moustache X2

Style and dress hair - Finger Dry
Style and dress hair - Round Brush
Style and dress hair - Flat Brush

Colour (for men only):
Full head Bleach
Full head quasi (semi permanent dye)

If people could share this around, that would be great. Willing to pick people up and drop them off if need be. I can accept the same client twice, so if you guys want multiple treatments done, that’s super cool.