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When A Woman Wants
Episodes 21&22

There was no way he would go to that event with her, no, no no!
It was the next morning and he had been in his study. His father had asked him to go with Debby to THE FLEEZE.
He remembered Debby used to talk about it when they just started dating; it was one of her dreams then. Debby was achieving her dreams after all; she had earned it dubiously though!
Everything about it was all for show, publicity stunts, celebrities awards night, especially those that had been successful to get the press running around during the last few months. His family had been invited, but his father wouldn't be joining. He needed all the time to rest and relax.
"Your father wants you to represent him Francis, you need to be there. Besides, you cannot avoid her forever."
He was speaking with Angela on the phone and he knew she was right.
"Remember your father needs all the strength he needs to stay with you longer and you wouldn't want him to waste it in cheap publicity and event stunts all because of your stepmother!"
She was right also but, he made no reply.
"Nicholas Francis, are you listening to me at all?"
She snapped at him so loudly he had to shift the phone a bit away from his ear. He had been quiet all through and it usually pissed her off whenever you make her feel as if she was the only one talking to herself.
"Yes, yes, Angela. I am with you. But, I don't want to go alone."
"Then take Rosa with you!"
His brows went up. Why hadn't he thought about that?
"Is there a gown she can wear amongst the ones we bought yesterday?"
Angela was quiet for a while.
"There is but FLEEZE is too big for that. I will forward a link to you on Messenger and all you need to do is order for the dress. Get your wallet up boy!" She shouted excitedly as she ended the call.
He heaved a sigh of relief. She had always been a life saver.
He put down the receiver as he heard a knock.
"Who is it?"
He smiled and stood up to open the door for her.
“Good morning Francis and thanks for yesterday. I enjoyed myself. I am so grateful for all those beautiful things. God bless you."
She was in a Pink pajamas, one of those they had gotten the previous day. She looked even naturally beautifully in pink. A strand of hair was hanging loosely, almost touching her eyes, refusing to enter into the black hair net she covered the rest of her hair with.
He leaned against the door, arms akimbo, he realized she had tidied up his bedroom for him and was probably coming to tidy up his study too.
"How long have you been here?"
"Just some minutes ago"
She replied, still smiling, looking at him with her pretty big eyeballs. He needed to get a hold of himself.
"You are welcome Rosa. How is the book coming up?"
"I have started all over again using the few details I was fortunate to get to know from you. A little background of your life first"
"Nice. I will check them later tomorrow or thereabouts. When is your next class?"
"Next week Tuesday" She replied.
"Oh! You have enough time to tidy up things and catch up on where you had stopped initially" He replied, stepping aside so she could enter the room.
She nodded as she brushed past him.
He was about to ask how her outing with Luke went yesterday when his phone chimed and he went to check it. It was a message on his messenger from Angela.
He smiled as he saw the gown. It was just the perfect one for her. He held the phone up so she could see the dress.
"What do you think of this dress?"
He loved the way she went so wide-eyed and gasped.
"That is so gorgeous. It is the most beautiful gown I've ever seen."
He smiled. "Glad to hear that because, I'm buying it for you right now"
She went rigid; the expression on her face was that of the utmost shock.
"Why? It's too much Francis. You've already spent too much for me, please don't buy it. It s too expensive, did you see the price tag?"
He frowned. "I thought you liked it"
"Yes yes I do but why would you buy it for me?”
"Because you my dear are following me to THE FLEEZE as my date"
He watched as her jaw dropped. Her face was a mixture of excitement, panic and surprise.
"The...the..Fleeze?" She stuttered.
"Yes Rosa. I know it's every lady's dream to be there"
"I know,,b,,but..I cannot go " She replied sadly.
"Why not?"
"Because, it has always been Debby's dream and she will be there. I don't want be the cause of anything"
"It's too late for I already ordered for it and it will soon be here" he lied but she looked sad which he hated. Without thinking he went closer, putting a hand on warmly on her left cheek and starred into her eyes.
"Rosa, you need to start living your life irrespective of what she thinks. She doesn't think or care about other people's feelings. Besides, if she says anything, tell her I orchestrated the whole thing, okay?"
She nodded, a smile was coming up and so was a tear at the corner of her left eye. He used his thumb to stop it before it could fell.
She looked down. "I'm sorry, nobody has ever spent so much on me before"
Probably it was the statement she just made now, or the fact that his hand was still on her cheek and they were standing so close or the way she was looking into his eyes and he , into hers, but something had been triggered which put the moment on hold and all the desire of his brain and subconscious was to kiss her...there was a sort of magnet which he couldn't shake off..He didn't want to.
He leaned closer…
He got so close he could feel her breath on his face.... then his phone rang!

He looked out the window, the sky was tar-black and the large clouds were moving towards them. The tapping on the window increased and turned into pitter-patter.
People ran for cover as umbrellas were opened in the street as the cloud spat out their beads of water. Puddles began to form and the rain got heavier, hitting the roof of the car in a lyrical rhythm.
He had asked Steve to drive Debby home as her driver got sick and kept vomiting for having eaten too much. So it was just the two of them, she sat beside him as he drove, her head was resting against the window her hand wrapped around the medals they had been given as the best couple alongside the one she was given as being the most beautiful.
It was a surprise and they hadn’t even expected it. He couldn’t describe the look on Debby’s face when she had lost the lost the medal to Rosa. It was a surprise. He hadn’t even seen that coming.
“Rosa, are you okay?” He asked.
She gave a sigh and replied. “I don’t think Debby will ever forgive me for this”
“The table just turned on her if you ask me you know?”
“How do you mean?”
“Well, you know she can do and undo anytime she wants something. She can use anyone and do whatever to get it. She has always wanted this award and now you got it without even trying, don’t you think its Karma?”
“Karma won’t save me from her anger” Rosa replied.
“Believe me she won’t do anything to you. Just try to explain and stop punishing yourself”
She sighed again and then finally turned around to face him.
“Why did you do that?”
His brow went up.”Do what?”
“Did you kiss me just because you want to hurt her the same way she had done to you?”
He gasped.
“No Rosa, I didn’t kiss you because I wanted to hurt her okay? I kissed you because...” He paused for a while, running a hand through his hair. “…because those press vultures needed something which I gave..”
She was silent and later replied. “So you are saying you kissed me for the camera and the whole girlfriend thingy was a show also?”
He nodded.
“Yeah, and the whole girlfriend thing may last for a bit, I need to chase those ladies off of me and I saw it as the best opportunity in using you to drive them away. The kiss wasn’t real so do not stress yourself, it wasn’t a big deal” He lied.
An expression of hurt and disappointment flashed across her face, but she cleverly covered it up.
“Alright” She said quietly and said nothing more.
He knew he had hurt her feelings but why was she hurt? What did she expect? That he would tell her he had always wanted to kiss her since the other day or that he was beginning to have feelings for her? He himself wasn’t even sure of the feelings.
Besides, she had Luke whom she had a thing for. He wouldn’t mess that up for her.
“By the way, how is Luke? You didn’t tell me what happened after you talked”
“Nothing much, He only wanted to make sure that everything was cool between us”
“Has he finally asked you to be his girl friend?”
She smiled a little. “Not really but I have a feeling he would”
“And what will be your reply if he asks?”
She shrugged. “I like him, there is nothing stopping me from saying yes. Is there?”
He smiled and shook his head. “I don’t see why not”
Just then, her phone rang and she picked it. The name she called sent a chill of jealousy down his spine and he did much to ignore it.
“Hi Luke.”
She gasped and then turned to face Francis.
“What is it?” Francis asked.
She put a hand to cover the speaker of the phone and whispered to him.”He just congratulated me for the medals and said we need to see.”
“Was he at the event?” Francis asked.
“I don’t know” She replied and returned back to the call.
“It’s not what you think Luke ..Please when I get back I will come see you tomorrow”
She pressed a button and ended the call.
“What now? “Francis asked.
“I don’t know. I just know I have a good explanation to give.” She replied.

She had no idea how long she had stayed awake but she knew it was close to morning.
She kept tossing on the bed, unable to focus. She knew she could never get any sleep when she had come back from the Fleeze few nights ago. She was wide awake. Dark circles were beginning to form around her eyes from lack of sleep but that was not one of her worries.
She kept reliving that night. That horrible night she got betrayed by someone she trusted so much. She couldn't get past it. She didn’t even go out ever since then. Of course, she had everyone worried, she lied to Frank a she was sick and needed some time to herself, so she slept alone, in her room, it was only Peri and Ella that knew what was actually wrong, since they were there.
They saw everything, right from when Francis kissed Rosa, to when she got the award. The award she (Debby) had craved ever since she was a kid, even before she became a model. Rosa just stole it from her just like that!
She looked around, there was nothing close by to grab and throw against the wall. She had asked Ella to pack them away.
Her stomach rolled over as she remembered the scene when he had kissed her...the kiss was not really the problem with her. Maybe slightly though. But her main problem was her dressing, she totally stole her thunder.. Why would he buy her such a dress. Why did she even come? And why was he looking at Rosa all through the night in that way she knew so well. She remembered that expression. That was when they just met. When Francis was just asking her out, when he had fallen in love with her. The way he had kissed Rosa and the way she had responded...she*(Debby) almost died of heart was obvious they were both in love with each other... cocktail dresses for wedding
This was not what she had planned! She only wanted Francis to sleep with Rosa and in the process give her information she needed. Not to bloody hell fall in love with each other!
This was a night mare!
Debby flipped the covers back and stood on weak knees, forcing herself to her feet despite the fear and the anger overwhelming her.
She needed something right now and she knew what she needed to get her mind off this. Even though she loathed John. Being with him would really help her right now!
She shoved her arms in her bathrobe, slipped into her warm slippers, and rushed for the door.
She knew John was passing the night in the house and she knew just where to look for him.
By the time she got to his room door. She stopped as she heard voices .There was a lady in the room with him already..
She slammed her eyes shut in disappointment and was about to turn and stopped as she heard her name in their conversation.
"...But he looks so strong. He doesn't seem to be dying to me" said the lady.
Debby tried to picture who the lady could be but she couldn't identify the owner of the voice.
She heard John chuckled as he replied. "I am the closest to him sweetie. He's sick. Been sick for almost a year if not more. One of the reasons he needed to see his son. Fank is old and had spent too much time of his life working"
"That is so sad. Does the new wife know?"
"You mean Debbie?"
"I'm not sure she knows. It will be disastrous if she does because, she is only after Frank's money and fame. Did you read the magazine that stated she lost the award to Rosa?"
"Oh..Oh..Yes I did. I felt so sorry for her. You should have seen her face "
John chuckled again.
"I am very certain Frank will not leave her a dime. The only one getting anything is Francis and any woman who ends up marrying him"
"That will be Rosa isn't it?"
"I don’t know since he hasn’t asked her to marry him yet but I would be happy if they do marry. Their pictures just happen to be everywhere and they look so good together..."
Fear, shame and anger exploded inside Debby as she walked back to her room. Frank was dying and no one told her. She was going to be a widow soon with nothing! And Rosa will take everything?
She tried to calm herself down as she opened the door of her room and slumped on the bed.
She needed to do something very fast. Rosa must not double cross her twice! She would have to take matter into her own hands. If the person getting something out of this is the person that ends up with Francis then she would end up with Francis and she would give it her all. But there was only one person who could help with that.................her Mother!


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