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While everyone is moaning about the irrevocable loss of one of the greatest talents of Bollywood, rarely does anyone think of the fact that she was my mother.

That she gave birth to me, brought me up, she made me whoever that I am today. Whether it was a personal problem or a social one, she taught me from wrong to right. On my bad days, she held me when I was down. On my good days, she was proud that I was her daughter and me, that she was my mother.

Everyone's life will go on, with just a little change: they won't see her on screen anymore.

But what about my life?
Whom will I get excited for when a new movie is released? Whom will I talk about with pride, only to remind myself that she isn't there anymore?

I can't even cry, you know. There are a hundred cameras and thousands of pairs of eyes looking at me. I have to hold it all inside, because I'm a "star kid". Because we belong to "the world of glamour", we'll always have to be fit, fine and dressed impeccably to be "perfect" for the world. Because "cover girls don't cry after their face is made". casual short wedding dresses

But it gets tiring and it feels like a punch to my gut every time someone says, "Look, Sridevi's daughter! ". Because that's all I'm left with now, just with my mother's name. Not her presence, not her warmth, not her smile, not her advice, not her anger, not her faith in me. Just her name.

I'm also very much similar to my brothers and sisters in Syria. They didn't know that their life was going to change in 24 hours and neither did I.

All I knew was we'd return on Holi and have a colorful day, just like we always do.

Now I'm left wearing white while all they see in Syria is red.

- Sincerely, a daughter who lost her mother.